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How to Say No Jasmine Williams Media

Learning How to Say No (After Years and Years of Yes)

I always say yes. To ev-ery-thing. I was leaning in before leaning in was a thing. And it served me well, until it didn’t and I had to learn how to say no.

the case for not making the right decision - jasmine williams media

The Case For Not Making The “Right” Decision

After years of making the “right” decisions, a series of setbacks has made me question which of those choices were actually right for me.

how to network like a journalist - jasmine williams media

How to Network Like a Journalist

As a j-school grad and freelance writer, one thing I’ve noticed is that journalism and networking are very similar.

why I started blogging - jasmine williams media

Why I’m Blogging Now, A Million Years After The Universe Deemed It Cool

When you tell people you’re a writer, one of the first things they always ask without fail is, “Do you blog?”

creative outlet becomes your career - jasmine williams media

What To Do When Your Creative Outlet Becomes Your Career

Growing up, words were like a second home to me. However, when I got older and decided to pursue writing as a real grown-up career, I lost something in the process.

fuck it list jasmine williams media

Why Every Young Professional Needs to Have a F*ck-It List

Just being gainfully employed isn’t enough anymore. Young professionals need to have the full package and quite frankly, it’s exhausting.

career lessons learned after journalism school - jasmine williams media

Not That Kind of Grad: A Young Woman Tells You What She’s Learned (Since J-School)

Now that I’m past the one year point, I figured it would be as good a time as any to look back on my post-grad journey and see what I’ve learned since leaving Carleton.