Freelancers need to learn how to budget for irregular income

“When Jasmine Williams first went freelance a few years ago, one of her biggest challenges was dealing with the inconsistency of her income.”

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8 Ways to (Authentically!) Get Instagram Followers in 2021

“Wondering how to get Instagram followers? While it’s not as easy as it once was, getting more followers on Instagram is still possible…you just have to know the right tactics!”

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15 Ways to Get Maximum ROI From Your Newsletter

“Want to maximize your newsletter ROI? Learn how to create capturing, top-quality newsletters that contribute to your business goals.”

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How to find the right mentor for your startup

“Three of Toronto’s leading entrepreneurial women give their tips on finding the best mentor for you, and how to pop the question.”

10 of Marketing Brew’s Favorite Twitter Follows

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Best advice for increasing online visibility, from 19 marketing experts

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52 Ways to Support Women in Business

“Know what you want to say but struggling how to say it? Jasmine Williams can help! She’s an award-winning copy and content strategist that is simply the best to work with.”

20 Women Entrepreneurs To Watch In 2020: Meet A Member

“Consultant, speaker, award-winning writer, professional storyteller… Jasmine Williams is a content marketing expert whose skills and expertise are well-rounded and versatile. She is a content marketing expert who is passionate about helping brands tell their stories in effective and impactful ways.”

A day in the life of… Jasmine Williams

“This is what Jasmine has to say about turning her side hustle into a content and social media consultancy.”

What Are They Up To? Update From an Early Ownr Customer – Jasmine Williams Media

“In celebration of Ownr’s 2nd birthday, we touched base with some of our earlier customers to see how they were doing as seasoned entrepreneurs. The ‘go-getter’ Jasmine Williams caught our eye and we thought that you could relay or learn from her experience.”

Jasmine: Content Creator, Social Media Consultant

“Running a business isn’t for everybody. In the beginning, you’ll probably have to make a lot of sacrifices, whether it’s making less money while you scale your business or having to turn down social events to finish client work. But if you have that entrepreneurial itch that you just can’t seem to ignore, my advice is just to go for it. You’ll never know what will happen until you try.”


Strategize Your Business Online Podcast

Strategize Your Business Online: Why Working With a Freelance Mentor Can Give Your Business Direction and Clarity

“My goal… was for me to download my brain and everything I’ve learned about freelancing into a program that could help set people up for success and help them avoid the mistakes I’ve made.”

Moments With Chrissy Podcast

Moments With Chrissy: How to Freelance and Personal Branding as a Business Owner with Jasmine Williams

“Jasmine joins our conversation around the life of a freelancer while managing one’s own business and where it all began, the passion towards writing poetry.”

Growing Woman Podcast

Growing Woman: Cultivating Authenticity with Jasmine Williams

“Jasmine Williams joins the show this week to chat all about her journey from leaving the 9 to 5, to becoming a six figure freelancer, and now transforming her business to help others.”

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Surviving to Thriving: Why Nonprofits Should Consisder Freelancers

“In this episode, Freelancer Jasmine Williams and I talk about how nonprofits could benefit from hiring a freelancer to help them with project work and tasks that often are done off the side of someone’s desk.”

Freelance Podclass

Freelance Podclass: The Conversations to Clients Class with Jasmine Williams

“Today, Jasmine Williams shares her wisdom and strategies for making yourself memorable so you can turn simple conversations into clients and contracts. Join us as we discuss three ways to win your dream clients through this low-risk, high-reward channel!”

Brand Party Podcast

Brand Party: Honest Reasons Why Freelancing is Actually Worth It

“In today’s episode, discover how to find a legitimate mentor or coach who can help take your freelance life to the next level.”

Branding Gems Podcast

Branding Gems: How Often Should a Brand Pivot? Top 3 Brand Advice with Jasmine Williams

“Listen in on Jasmine Williams’ TOP 3 pieces of tips and advice on branding and business.”

The Ambitious Freelancer podcast

The Ambitious Freelancer: Content Strategy And Building Testimonials With Jasmine Williams

“If you want to know more about content strategy and building more valuable testimonials, you won’t want to miss today’s podcast episode.”

Freedom Lifestyle Podcast

Freedom Lifestyle: Where Are They Now?

“Freedom Seekers from past seasons return to the show to provide an update on their business and freedom journey. Discover how mindsets and entrepreneurial identities have changed over the last 2-3 years.”

Ideas Into Action Podcast

Ideas Into Action #3: Jasmine Williams

“In this episode, we talked about freelancing, entrepreneurship, representation, and confidence among a whole slew of other topics. This episode is a must-listen if you’re on the fence about starting something.”

Freedom Lifestyle Podcast

Freedom Lifestyle: How to Freelance Your Freedom

“Jasmine Williams is an award-winning writer who branded herself as a freelance social media and content consultant. Jasmine has almost always freelanced on the side but recently quit her full-time work to pursue freelance as a career. Learn how she made the transition and how she’s scaling her services in 2019.”