Digital Products

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Grab-and-Go Email Templates

A full suite of 40+ plug-and-play email and DM templates (and bonus resources!) designed to eliminate inbox overwhelm and get things moving in your business.

You’ll get…

👉🏾The Grab-and-Go Email Templates ($97 value)

👉🏾Automation 101 Guide ($47 value)

👉🏾Digital Declutter Checklist ($27 value)

All for $39 USD! Take charge of your emails and social media DMs once and for all with this 10-point PDF checklist that will help you take back digital control. (Say good-bye to inbox anxiety!)


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Click-worthy Creative Academy

Click-worthy Creative Academy is a 6-week Freelance Mentorship Program. This one-of-a-kind learning experience is designed to teach creative professionals the fundamentals of running a successful and sustainable freelance business.

You’ll get…
👉🏾 Access to the exact tactics, tools, and resources I use every day in my business

👉🏾 Receive next-level accountability so you can finally do all the things and take serious action in your business

👉🏾 The opportunity to connect with and learn alongside other like-minded creative professionals

👉🏾 One-on-one expert support, every step of the way

Online Community

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Click-worthy Creatives

Click-Worthy Creatives is a Facebook Group designed to bring together Canadian creative freelancers, consultants, and entrepreneurs who are looking to launch or grow their businesses.

Inside, you’ll find freelance advice, marketing tips, helpful resources, and the support of a community of like-minded professionals.


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Freelance Rate Calculator

With this resource, you’ll get…
👉🏾 Instant access to my Google Sheet rate calculator tool and how-to guide (already downloaded by 200+ creatives!)

👉🏾 Clarity on what to charge for your services based on your experience level AND income goals.

👉🏾 Peace of mind (no more worrying about charging too much or too little for your work!)

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Freelance Creative Business Checklist

Inside this guide, you’ll get…
👉🏾 A rundown on the key legal, financial, and technical processes you should set up before you start working with clients.

👉🏾 Recommendations for tools and platforms that I personally use every day in my business (that will save you time and $$$)

👉🏾 Clear answers to common freelancing questions like “What do I actually need to do to start freelancing?” or “Have I set my business up right?”


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Freelance Curious

A weekly-ish newsletter where I share stories and advice on how to handle the emotional rollercoaster of freelance life. Join over 1100 freelance creatives, founders, and other incredible humans who read my emails every week.