Freelance Creative Business Checklist

A 10-step checklist for freelance creatives

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Inside this guide, you'll get...

👉🏾 A rundown on the key legal, financial, and technical processes you should set up before you start working with clients.

👉🏾 Recommendations for tools and platforms that I personally use every day in my business (that will save you time and $$$)

👉🏾 Clear answers to common questions like “What do I actually need to do to start freelancing?” or “Have I set my business up right?”

Clary Chambers

After 3 years of being in business, I realize that the business checklist highlights the EXACT areas of my business I never set up that have caused me a ton of headaches!

I really appreciate the way you have laid out the steps with resources. If I could get the hours back I spent googling and instead be working in the business rather than on it I’m sure I would have made more money and faster!

Alana Simpson

Jasmine's Freelance Creative Business checklist was a gamechanger in launching my business! When I did research before I found a lot of information for American folks, so for Jasmine to create a Canadian-specific checklist was incredible. It had everything I was looking for!

Not only that, but it broke things down into bite-sized, manageable pieces, which made it accessible to me. That, and the checklist was in-depth enough that I felt confident enough to do each step.

If you're looking to start a creative freelance business, especially in Canada, I highly, HIGHLY recommend.

Aly Dort

I love this check-list: it’s simple but contains all of the right information, right down to the recommendation of tools and products that are pre-vetted and reputable.

Most checklists I’ve used have just sat in my inbox, unused, but this is one I’ve printed off and will be using over and over again. Highly recommend!

Hi, I'm Jasmine!

I've built a six-figure freelancing business helping creative entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, and growth-stage startups scale their businesses with strategic storytelling.

When I first started freelancing, I had no idea what I was doing and didn't know where to start. I pieced together advice from mentors and blog posts and eventually found my way but it took a loooong time.

After going through all that and coming out the other side with a thriving business, I knew that I didn't want other newbie freelancers to have to figure things out the hard way. So I created this handy hecklist to help you set your business up right – no desperate late-night Googling required!

Want to freelance but don't know where to start?

This simple checklist will help you ditch the overwhelm and start building momentum towards your freelance goals.

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