Hi, I’m Jasmine.

I help creative entrepreneurs, coaches, and start-ups launch and grow their businesses with strategic storytelling.

Before you scroll any further, I’ve got a couple of questions for you…

Have you ever known exactly what you wanted to say but were stuck on how to say it?

Have you ever spent hours crafting social captions or writing copy that gets crickets when you finally hit ‘publish’?

Lastly, do you find it easy to talk about what you do on a call or in person, but when you open your laptop to write something, it all comes out as business-speak?

Trust me, I get it. It can be hard to share your business’ story in a way that’s smart, engaging, and impactful. Well, it was, until you came here. I can work with you to produce copy and content that not only supports your company’s vision and values but also gets real results.

Hey there!
I’m Jasmine.

I’m an award-winning writer, entrepreneur, speaker, and content marketing expert.

As the founder of content marketing consultancy, Jasmine Williams Media, I support a global roster of industry-leading companies and visionaries with done-for-you copywriting, content writing, and content strategy services. You may have seen my byline in a number of places, including CBC, Shopify, Patreon, Zapier, and more.

When I’m not wordsmithing for my lovely clients, I love helping new and aspiring freelancers launch and grow their own businesses. Through my blog, newsletter, Facebook community, and course, I help creative professionals make their freelance dreams come true.

Here’s what I can do for you!


Content Writing


Content Strategy


Kind Words.

“Jasmine was an absolute pleasure to work with! She’s fast, thorough, knowledgeable, organized, and provided us with excellent content on topics that aren’t easy to jump into by any stretch.

I would recommend her to anyone looking for optimized content writing pertaining to business, tech, marketing, advertising, and other topics. Thanks again.”



“I decided to work with Jasmine because I needed guidance on how to structure and organize my content and what to write about.

She helped me break my social media work down into small, manageable chunks. Jasmine listens actively. WOW! She gets it from the onset. She is proactive and knows how to solve problems. I love working with her!”



Real Estate Agent

“I wanted my business to be able to comment on current events related to our industry. While I can write content myself, as a busy founder, I simply don’t have the time.

I have worked with Jasmine previously and particularly trusted her professionalism, academic background, and research experience. She’s professional, timely, and has a good process!”




On the blog.

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