Writing Samples


While I have written on a wide range of topics, I’ve chosen to include writing samples that represent my key subject areas. These industries are the ones in which I have the most experience and expertise (and also really, really like writing about).


Our Favorite Zaps: Streamline Your Client Gifting Process – Zapier Blog

Evergreen SaaS Landing Pages You Should Have Running at All Times – Unbounce Blog

How to Advertise to Designers – BuySellAds

Do More By Doing Less: How To Minimize Your Workload on Patreon – Patreon Blog

How to Build an E-Commerce Website – GoDaddy.ca



How to write a simple employment contract – GoDaddy Canada

Adding more seats to the table: How /dev/color is helping black software engineers level up in their careers – Memberful

5 Lessons You Learn When You Work Remote – Authentic.co

6 Steps to Take to Reduce Bias in Hiring – Authentic.co



How to Find Work-Life Balance as a Part-Time Creator – Patreon Blog

Wheelchairs Users Enjoy New Freedom, Thanks to ‘Smart’ Sensors from Braze Mobility – YouAreUNLTD

The Science Behind Music That Increases Your Productivity – Student Life Network

Mobile Technology is Changing the Face of Healthcare – Ottawa Life Magazine



Why backpacking was good for my career – HiHostels Canada

The Best Productivity Planners For Every Kind of Student – Student Life Network

Give Back With These 5 Feel-Good Toronto Activities – Local Love

Meet Bo Lam, Dancer & Choreographer – TalentEgg

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